Black Cherry Barolo & Pear Pinot Grigio- $99/Batch

Black Cherry Barolo: Combine the Italian Riviera with its bold, full bodied Barolo with the luscious richness and sweetness of black cherries grown right in your own backyard. Bursting with body and flavour! Pairs nicely with grilled back ribs with a sweet, tangy BBQ sauce.

Pear Pinot Grigio: The crispness of Pinot Grigio combined with juicy, sweet pear, a hint of lemon and white flowers makes this the perfect, refreshing wine cooler. Try it with a warmed ciabatta bread, turkey, pear, caramelized onion and brie sandwich.

Classic Australian Shiraz & Classic Verdicchio- $124/Batch

Australian Shiraz: Big, dry and intense is the best way to describe this Australian red. The lightly spicy dry wine with its white peppery bouquet has intense flavours
of blackcurrant, blackberries and plums.
Food Pairings: Grilled pepper steak and bacon wrapped beef tenderloin are excellent matches for this bold wine

Verdicchio: A medium-bodied wine with a crisp, clean flavour profile which
makes it the perfect aperitif wine. It is excellent for warm weather sipping
on the patio and at the same time, the mouth watering acidity and clean
citrus flavours of lemon and grapefruit make it a great wine to pair with a
variety of foods.
Food Pairing: Sushi, raw fish, Herby pasta sauces like pesto, white fish,
Vegetable dishes