Chianti & Chardonnay – $119/Batch

Chianti: Chianti is a red wine produced from the Tuscan region of Italy.  Chianti wines tend to be medium-high in acidity.  Floral, cherry and light nutty
notes are characteristic aromas with the wine expressing more notes on the mid-palate and finish at the front of the mouth.  European Oak, juice sourced from Italy.

Food Pairing: Chianti wines pair especially well with tomato-based sauces like marinara, which is why they are often paired with pasta dishes. Also
pairs well with light meat like chicken fish or pork.

Chardonnay: Chardonnay’s rather subdued primary fruit characteristics lean toward the crisp fruitiness of apples, pears and lemon.  The variety’s full body is
capable of supporting a host of complimentary characteristics, such as oak, butter and vanilla.

Food Pairings: Try this wine with your favourite grilled fish recipe, seafood pasta or vegetable soup.